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The Birth of QMount: A Massage Gun Holder Built for Durability and Convenience


It was the fall of 2019 when John Mulcahy’s friend first showed him a massage gun, a Theragun from Therabody. John was impressed with its power and how great his muscles felt after using it. John decided it would make a great family Christmas present. When they received it and started using it, John quickly realized it had one major limitation: he couldn’t use it on his own back with any real force.

So John did the next best thing—he had someone massage his back with the new massage gun. Since it was the holidays and his daughter was home from school, her help was fleeting before her phone inevitably rang, and she said, “Dad, sorry, but I have to go.” John realized that getting someone to massage your back at your convenience is no guarantee.

A few days went by before John’s close friend, who had battled back problems for over 30 years, called him. The friend’s back was acting up again, so John told him about the new massage gun. Having never heard of such a device, John showed it to him. The friend immediately took to it, thrilled by the relief it provided his back – as long as someone was holding it, that is. He turned to John and said, “This is great, but you’re not going to be here all day. What happens when no one’s here? How am I going to reach my back?” That’s when it clicked for John – “You’d think they would have something on the wall for this type of product?”

John went home and started researching massage gun holders. Unfortunately, the products he found and tested weren’t made to last. The reason? The massage gun holders would get loose when leaning into them and fell down his back.

With many years of experience bringing new products to market, John decided to make a massage gun holder for himself first. He thought that if he could build one that satisfied his own needs, it would meet the needs of most massage gun owners. John’s key requirements were something incredibly strong and durable that you could really lean into without it giving way.

John recruited mechanical engineers and explained exactly what he wanted: a massage gun holder that was 100% reliable and wouldn’t fall or come loose no matter the pressure. As John knew, getting the design right from the start is critical – you only have one chance to impress the customer.

As the founder of the QMount company and an avid user, John is in charge of customer support. John is just an email away if anyone has questions about installing QMount’s massage gun holder or the ideal placement. He’s mounted QMount units everywhere, from garages to home gyms, so he’s happy to share his expertise.

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