The #1 Rated Massage Gun Wall Mount on the Market!

QMount Features

A-Massage-Guns-Best-Friend QMount works with many Massage Guns displaying different massage gun in holder

Adjustable to fit all grip sizes from leading brand massage guns

If you’re tired of contorting your body to get the massage you want, the QMount Adjustable Wall Mount is heaven sent.

It holds your massage gun firmly to the wall and turns it into a hands-free massager that lets you reach every part of your body.

QMount Infographic Steps

Easy to Install

With QMount you only set up once.

Three screws into a wooded stud and your good to go!

Designed And Made In The USA Infographic Showing uses of Qmount's massage gun holder mount for different muscle group

Easy to adjust up or down to the right height for any person and any muscle area you’re trying to reach.

QMount Checks Infographic How to slide off the QMount Shuttle of the Massage Gun Holder

Add or Remove Massage Guns with ease simply unlock and remove the holder from the rail.

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