The #1 Rated Massage Gun Wall Mount on the Market!
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Everyone with a massage gun has one major problem: They can’t reach the place that needs it most… Your back!

QMount’s massage gun holder solves that problem.

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The Word Is Spreading About Qmount

How QMount Solves Your Problem

What is the problem we’re solving: QMount full massage gun back solution

  • Adjustable wall mount holder.
  • Fully adjustable for a person's height.
  • Easily removed by simply unlocking and removing the holder.

How does QMount solve it: Massage Gun back solution

  • Use your massage gun on your back.
  • In the comfort of your own home.
  • No assistance needed.

What does customer get from using QMount: Woman using Massage gun with mount on Shoulder

  • Holds massage gun firmly in place for a forceful massage.
  • Stays sturdy when leaning against it.
  • Won't slip or vibrate.

QMount checks all the boxes

QMount checks all the boxes

High-Quality: Made from only the best materials that will last for years.

Universal: Able to fit all major massage gun brands and hold them securely in place. 

Solid: Stays in place and withstands the pressure of firmly leaning against it.

Adjustable: Easily to install and adjust up or down to the right height and angle for any person and any muscle area you’re trying to reach. To remove, simply unlock and slide off rail.

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Who Should Use QMount?

Solo Users

Solo Users

  • Not everyone has a friend or spouse around to help them get those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Now anyone can use a standard massage gun to reach anywhere.
Athletes running Plan on using Massage Gun Holder for Muscle recovery


  • It accelerates muscle warm-up and recovery.
  • Gives the athletes the opportunity to begin muscle warm-up and recovery on their own.
  • No more waiting for trainers to do it, no more assistance needed.
Limited Movement - Picture of Woman in wheelchair Massage Gun Holder for Limited Movement

Limited Movement

  • For individuals that are handicapped, or have limited mobility, this is an easy way to use a massage gun without having to hold it and apply pressure yourself.


Simply mount the rail to a wall stud using the screws provided.


Made of high-quality lightweight materials allowing for a strong and durable hold.



Units Sold
Moneyback Guarantee 


Money Back Guarantee 


Qmount Massage Gun Holder Mount in use mount on wall with Theragun

Why Choose Us?

Set up/Install: With QMount you only set up once. Three screws into a wooded stud and you’re good to go!

Adjustability: QMount’s rail and holder design allow easy quick height adjustment With QMount, you can adjust your massage gun from your shoulders to your calves instantly.

Quality: QMount stands for quality mount. It’s strong, durable and it’s built to last! We stand by it with our Lifetime Warranty.

What our Customers say

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Absolute Game Changer!. Bought this because my massage gun just couldn’t hit the spots I needed. It was rotting away in it’s box, until I bought one of these. I can finally hit my back spots!! I even got an extra one and got my gym to install it in the relaxation room. Amazing and an absolute game changer!!

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Ramz Ken
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Really high quality product compared to others on the market we have seen. Easy to adjust, easy to assemble into the wall. Helps ensure I can use my massage gun without needing another person to assist. Highly recommend.

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QMount holding your massage gun is great to use on hamstrings, in the past, I had other assistants and trainers do it for me. My hamstrings get tight and it’s very tough to get to on my own..

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NCAA Athlete
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