The #1 Rated Massage Gun Wall Mount on the Market!

Frequently Asked Questions


QMount can be installed using the provided multi-purpose screws.


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Yes, best to screw it into a wall stud, door frame or casing.

Yes, locate a stud, use rail to mark the hole location at a suitable height, mount rail using the 3 multi-
purpose screws.

Exterior walls for homes, garages, sheds, door casings, fitness area, home office. Anywhere there’s a wood framed stud.
2  12” Rails, 1 Shuttle, 6 Multipurpose Screws, Rubber Spacers Box_Display_24_Closed_NoCrop-300x300.jpg
1) Lay shuttle on flat surface HowTo3_NoCrop 2) Open arm and put massage gun in the shuttle cup HowTo5_NoCrop 3) Close arm and tighten knob- turn knob until massage gun can’t turn left or right. HowTo6_NoCrop 4) Slide shuttle on from top of rail- with cam lever in unlock position. HowTo9_NoCrop 5) Find desired height, then put cam lever in lock position HowTo8_NoCrop
Go to the side of the shuttle where the cam lever is- at the top of the cam lever- you’ll see straight head screw- To tighten it – keep shuttle in locked position- then turn screw to right to tighten shuttle on rail- or turn screw left to loosen shuttle. Please make note: DO NOT TURN CAM LEVER CLOCKWISE OR COUNTERCLOCKWISE AT ANYTIME TO ADJUST SHUTTLE. CAM LEVER only goes straight up to unlock the shuttle or goes straight down to lock the shuttle. Untitled-design

How to use QMount

Yes, with cam lever facing up in full unlock position, slide the QMount shuttle to desired position on the rail. Then place cam lever in locked position with cam lever facing down. HowTo8_NoCrop HowTo9_NoCrop

No, it won’t, however if you over tighten the QMount clamp on your massage gun, it could damage the handle of your massage gun. 

Quality & Material

 QMount stands for quality mount. The adjustable wall mount and holder was professionally designed and engineered specifically for the massage gun industry. We use top quality material and hardware to guarantee your massage gun holds firmly in place for a forceful massage.

QMount is made of nylon which is considered the “workhorse” of mechanical plastics. We use nylon because it has high strength and stiffness compared to other plastics. It has very good wear and abrasion resistance, excellent impact resistance and FDA/USDA/NSF compliant. Nylon is used in many industries including automotive, construction, marine, and many more. We chose nylon because of it’s strength and durability.

Our quality hardware is from Germany and rated the best in the world.  The multi-purpose screws that we provide are called SPAX - a patented thread technology that requires no pre-drilling.

General Questions

Yes, it fits most massage gun handles except Theragun’s Mini. 

If you buy a QMount massage holder and wall mount, and then find out your massage gun’s grip handle is too thin for QMount to hold firmly, no worries, we have you covered with a quick fix at no cost to you.

We designed a custom rubber spacer for our shuttle cup that specifically holds the massage gun  firmly in place. Learn More Here!

Installation guide for rubber pad 

No, it’s an adjustable wall mount for Massage guns. It does not include a massage gun.

Yes! Rails are available for purchase on our website: purchase here and on Amazon.

Return Policy

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our product. It is backed by a lifetime warranty.

We accept returns within 30 days of date of purchase. Contact us to return your QMount. As long as product is in good condition, we’ll give a full refund.

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